Thursday, May 25, 2006 topic to discuss about...

Well, actually I am in the middle of nowhere...don't know what to write and what to, I just upload the picture of mine....where I was in my office at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ok, till we meet then (till I got the idea of what I am going to write :))

Monday, May 22, 2006

Generate Income Online

This is actually an interesting topic, above all things...I believed. It seemed easy, but it is not. However, it is possible as along as you remained focused on what are you working on. In the online business world, people who involved in this type of business are called Netreprenuer. Currently, there are thousands of netreprenuer you can find everywhere in this world...just go to Google and type "money making", "internet business", "home business" etc. in the search box and that's it...thousands of site will be listed, all about internet business. As for myself, I've actually tried and tried...until I will reach my target, i.e. TO SETTLE ALL MY DEBTS!! Luckily, thank God that I've found this website,, a website dedicated to netreprenuers in Malaysia...a lot of informations and useful tips can be found here. Hope the success will wait for me in the near future :)

Lama tak blog...

Assalamualaikum wbt dan selamat sejahtera semua...lama dah tak update blog tgh menaip sambil dengar IKIM.FM, dah nak masuk solat Asar. Jap lagi nak pergi masjid, tunggu azan dulu. Actually, xde idea sangat ni nak tulis apa. Mungkin lepas solat ni adalah kot :) See you all soon...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

New Naza Bestari...

Hmm, good car I guess, and it is proven...what do you all think?? I got this picture from Please go there for more in depth coverage..

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hujan batu di Terengganu??

Hujan batu di Terengganu?? Pelik, tapi itulah hakikat yang terjadi. Bukan sahaja hujan batu, malah turut disertai dengan ribut, sampai banyak pokok yang tumbang...adakah ini balasan ALLAH SWT atau sekadar bencana alam yang biasa?? jika kita renung kembali, sesuatu yang ALLAH SWT jadikan atau timpakan tentu mempunyai sebab-sebab tertentu, dan bagi orang-orang yang berakal, ia adalah sesuatu perkara penting yang patut difikirkan secara mendalam. Sayang kamera digital saya tidak dapat merakamkan gambar-gambar menarik sekitar tajuk ini. Apapun, renungkanlah firman ALLAH SWT ini;

164. Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi, silih bergantinya malam dan siang, bahtera yang berlayar di laut membawa apa yang berguna bagi manusia, dan apa yang Allah turunkan dari langit berupa air, lalu dengan air itu Dia hidupkan bumi sesudah mati (kering)-nya dan Dia sebarkan di bumi itu segala jenis hewan, dan pengisaran angin dan awan yang dikendalikan antara langit dan bumi; sungguh (terdapat) tanda-tanda (keesaan dan kebesaran Allah) bagi kaum yang memikirkan. (Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 164)

What should I do now?

I'm now actually in dilemma, whether to pursue my career in accounting related field or start my own you all know, to work in some organization means you got to work for somebody else...thereon you will involve in so many issues which you wish you don't want to deal with, like the source of the money (halal or non-halal, involvement with riba will then spark a big question mark), your scope of work etc. Well, if you start doing business, at least you are trying to follow the footstep of Prophet Muhammad SAW...he was a successful trader where he run the business of Siti Khadijah, a successful businesswoman at that time...I don't deny the fact that thousands challanges and barriers to be faced once you decided to venture into business, but it is rewarding, believe me and you eyes...insyaALLAH, may ALLAH grant my, what is my decision just now? hmm, not yet decided..need opinion...

2nd day on the blog...

Kaifa halukum? Hope you'll fine and always in ALLAH's blessing...this is my 2nd day of blogging. Everyday I feel like I'm always on the loosing side...simply because I'm not going to the mosque for Fajr prayer, in jama'ah...well, that's always be my daily objective...Hope i can achieved it soon. The picture on the left side is myself and friends in our apartment in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am the standing guy with the kopiah...Err, I am no longer working there, I can't leave Malaysia as my father in law is having heart attack right now...wish all my friends there can survive in the tough life. See you all soon

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Time on Blog

Assalamualaikum wbt. This is my first time on blog...see what can I do for ummah through this...InsyaALLAH, should we have good intention towards HIM, HE'll surely help us a lot...see eveyone later...Wassalam